Städte – German Speaking Activity


  • An engaging, fun & interactive pairwork speaking activity.
  • Full teacher’s instructions and gamification alternatives are provided (in English).
  • The activity can be used for a 1-1 speaking class or as a pairwork activity in a larger class.
  • The material is ideal for adults & teenagers, but can also be used for children 11+.

Part 1: Photo Description & Comparison

  • Students describe photos and compare differences.
  • Encourages use of linking terms, connectors and cohesive devices (Erstens, Andererseits, Darüber hinaus etc…)
  • Vocabulary acquisition


Part 2: Discussion Questions

  • Students ask each other contentious conversation questions
  • Encourages fluency and confidence using German
  • Students are challenged to:

Extend their answers
Elicit more information
Agree / disagree with their partners
Justify their arguments

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Instructions for PART 1:

1) Working with a partner with the same photo (student As with As, Bs with Bs), students attempt to identify the vocabulary in their photo. (alternatively, for low-level students, the teacher can provide students with a vocabulary list and the students label the photo).
2) Change pairs to AB.
3) Student A describes photo while student B listens attentively.
4) Student B describes photo while student A listens attentively.
5) Still without looking at each other’s photos, students attempt to identify 3 differences between their photos.

Students may now look at each other’s photos and describe 2-3 differences each.

Encourage use of CONNECTORS:

Erstens, Zweitens, Zusammengefasst
Aber, Andererseits, Während
Darüber hinaus, Des weiteren, Außerdem

Instructions for PART 2
1) Students ask each other the discussion questions.
Encourage students to:

‣Extend their answers
‣Elicit more information
‣Agree / disagree with their partners
‣Justify their arguments

2) Change partners
3) Students try and report to their new partner everything they can remember which their old partner has just told them.

Encourage students to use the questions to guide their memory.



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