Personality – ESL Debates Activity


  • An interactive and engaging pairwork speaking activity
  • In pairs, students are presented with a question and must evaluate 5 possible answers.
  • Students discuss each option, expressing and justifying opinions, evaluating and speculating, in order to work towards a negotiated decision in Part 2.
Target speaking skills:
  • Sustaining an interaction
  • exchanging ideas
  • expressing and justifying opinions
  • agreeing and/or disagreeing
  • suggesting, speculating, evaluating
  • reaching a decision through negotiation
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1. Divide students into pairs
2. Either: Students read the situation OR Teacher reads the situation aloud
3. Encourage pairs to:

  • Evaluate the 5 options.
  • Interact with their partner.
  • Justify their arguments.
    (If necessary, remind them not to answer the “decide question” yet)
    Students answer decide question.

4. Students answer the decide question
5. Either:

Change pairs.
Merge into groups of 4

6. Students try to convince new partner/group of their decision choice.


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