Bread - ISE I Listening

You’re going to hear a short talk about bread.

You will hear the talk twice.

As you listen, you can take notes.

After you have listened twice, press Questions to answer 6 questions about the recording.

  1. What has bread not always been?
  2. How long ago did bread come in the form of flatbread?
  3. What was grown near the River Nile?
  4. Other than raised bread, what did Egyptian bakers invent?
  5. What was bread often used instead of?
  6. What type of bread did rich Romans prefer?
  1. so cheap or easily available
  2. 10’000 years ago
  3. wheat
  4. (closed) oven
  5. money
  6. white

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to the earliest development of farming. Now we have a huge choice of bread, all cut up and wrapped to take home from the supermarket, but bread has not always been so cheap or easily available. 10,000 years ago, bread came in the form of flatbread. Examples of flatbreads still eaten today are Indian chapatis and Mexican tortillas.

It was in Ancient Egypt, along the banks of the River Nile, that the wheat used to make bread was grown in large quantities. Egyptian bakers experimented to create raised bread and they also invented closed ovens. Bread became very important and it was often used instead of money.

The Romans enjoyed eating bread, and rich people demanded to have more expensive white bread. White bread is still the most popular variety in Europe and North America.